Thursday, August 6, 2009


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A special limo occasion is quickly approaching and it requires ground transportation done professionally. The internet is fired up. You go to google and type in “Limo Service” and or open the phone book to Limousines.Boom you are inundated with hundreds of listings, some with catchy tag lines, others with great art. Like most of us, you pick up the phone and start dialing. You don’t want to be doing this all day so you narrow your limo search down to three companies. You figure it should give you a good estimate on cost and quality.

The first number you dial rings and rings and rings, no answer. You leave a voicemail. Then it’s the second company, this time you get a live person. You engage in a conversation telling them what you need and asking about price. The great thing about America is that it’s a melting pot of different cultures, and this makes understanding the person on the other line difficult. You try to get information but it’s like pulling teeth. Finally, you are quoted a price. Then you call the third company, they start to promise you the world, and offer an unbelievable price. It is the lowest you have been quoted. Well it seems to good to be true, but hey it’s just alimousine rental. No worries right, let’s just book it. So you do.

The day of the event is fast approaching. There hasn’t been any confirmation calls or e-mails from the company since you booked the reservation. Your family, friends, and or staff are counting on you. You take a deep breath and reassure yourself, no problem they will show up, they are as professional as I am. Now it’s 15 minutes to your scheduled pick up and no limousine in site. The clock starts ticking slower and every second feels like a slow agonizing hour. You get on the phone and dial the number, but it keeps ringing and ringing and ringing.Frantically you hang up and dial again. This time a half sober voice picks up the phone. Emotionally you bark out questions and demand answers as to your limousine where about. As you pause after belting the operator with questions, you get an answer: “Ahh we’have no limos available. It was booked to someone else.” Good luck showing face. This is why those who have used other limousine companies in the past, only use Lightning Limosfor reliable ground transportation.

Lightning Limos is the premier transportation and limousine rentals company in the Santa Clarita valley, San Fernando Valley, and Southern California areas of newer model Valencia limos: sedans, vans, mini buses, party bus, stretch & super stretch Town Cars and SUV limousine. With well maintained vehicles, your comfort and security is never comprised. All Santa Clarita Limos include the modern amenities, reliability and technology features that someone renting a limo should expect. Utilize our Santa Clarita limos to finish that important presentation, or close that vital deal, or even just to relax from the turbulent daily Los Angeles traffic. Leave the driving to Lightning Limos.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

10personlimo in La for Concerts sporting events lax 877-870-2254. Party in style with our 10person Black Limo. It comes with Free Drinks, fiber-optic lights, 10,000 watt stereo, DVD player, Ipod Hookup, Iphone Hookup, this is what makes other envy you. Call us now to see why others love renting from our reliable limo service. Affordable rates with top quality service.

10person Wedding Limo 877-870-2254. This is our brand new 10Person limo. The interior is silver and black with a white MARBEL bar, fiber optic lighting, and Free Drinks! Of course the same reliable service for your special occasion with great drivers. Call us today.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

14 People Diamond Bar Plated Party Limo Rentals in Santa Clarita Valencia Los Angeles, Ca

Call 877-870-2254 NOW! (877) 870.2254.Welcome to Santa Clarita Limo Rentals. This is our brand new SuperStretch 14 people SUV Limo. It has 4 TVs, a diamond plated color changing disco bar, blacked out sick 22" rims, VIP room for 4, seats made out of ostrich skin, 10,000 watt stereo, and Ipod Hookup! It comes with the coolest drivers and free drinks! Call 877-870-2254 now to see why everyone else has been raving about, being in, this limo as the best limousine rental experience they have ever had!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New 30 People party Bus Limo Rental

Call 877-870-2254 to rent this amazing party bus limo!

877-870-2254 is the number to call to enjoy this!

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This is only $10 per person per hour based on max capacity!

Lightning Limos is a premier worldwide transportation provider that boasts the fleet of a large company and the service excellence of a boutique firm. With a client list that includes top businesses and high net worth individuals, there is no question that Lightning Limos offers an unparalleled transportation experience that includes a full range of customizable services. Our professional staff is available to arrange, customize, and attend to your transportation needs no matter what they may be. We invite you to contact us now for your own customized Lightning Limos Experience.